Artwork. Looped gif of a kinetic sculpture, where a poplar leaf turns 180 degrees and then back again

Thresholds(November 2022)

Thresholds is the second solo exhibition with Ki Smith Gallery. This body of work highlights the often hidden intelligences of nature by putting found materials such as roots, stones, and leaves in conversation with physical computing. The sculptures lean on movement to indicate life, using sensors, motors, light, and shadow to react the viewers presence and gaze.

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Artwork. Animated gif of three anemone tendrils made from paper swaying back and forth.

Ebbs at Ki Smith Gallery (2019)

First solo exhibition Ebbs, at Ki Smith Gallery, knits the digital and physical into a hybrid space, encouraging interactive engagement with each sculpture through a corresponding, looping animation that sets the work in motion. This body of work combines traditional forms of art making with more modern digital media, creating installations that ruminate on motion, space, and time.

Gallery Exhibition ➝

Artwork. Two toned paper wall sculpture, arranged in layered waves, in a wood frame.

Rough Draft (2021)

Group exhibition at Ki Smith Gallery with works curated by each of the featured artists, showcasing different lenses through which to approach their practices.

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Artwork. Animated gif with video of lichens and general entropy. Masked and arranged into the shape of a decorative corbel

Decorative Objects(2020)

Part of the group exhibition Digital Art Market (Brooklyn 2020) this series examines the practice of replicating nature in art and architecture, this series of videos replaces the surfaces of cast 'ideal' natural forms on corbels with edited video of unconventional plants and natural textures. Highlighting the entropic and decaying parts that tend to be excluded from typical notions of aesthetic beauty.

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Artwork. Wall sculpture made from interlocking three sided pyramids, with each side being a different color.

Perspectives (2017)

Sculptural paintings that change that require the viewer to move around them to be fully experienced.

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Artwork. Abstract Painting.

Older Work (2017 - Earlier)

Paintings from 2017 and earlier.

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